Already know what kind of society you want to build? Awesome!


if not...


Step 1./Or the 'Humanitarian Step'


The first and foremost ingredient in the construction of a tea society is the individuals that compose and partake in it. Collect a few such individuals, and when you have them, proceed directly to step 2. If you need additional advice, read on in this step:

For a society to be a society it must be populated. The easiest approach and the one we recommend is to use an ample smattering

of friends to start, approach and say to them: “I have a great idea, let's all have some tea!” and they'll respond in unison: “that is a great idea, well done!”* Having Collected a few friends that would enjoy drinking tea, proceed to step 2.

If it turns out your friends hate tea, and are loathed to be near it, worry not (though you may weep privately for them) finding an acquaintances that enjoys tea is super simple, next time someone in your study group brings a chai tea latę with them, you'll know what to do. If all else fails download a couple of these and post them at your favorite posting spot the first week of a new semester. Results Guaranteed**.

Please note to be considered legally a society and thereby earn the privileges merited, and rights accorded to such a one under the Constitution it must be composed of more than three individuals. Worry not, as it turns out, people are very easy to come by.
*this is not a realistic conversation. **not actually Guaranteed, but they should work.


Step 2. / Or the 'Dimensional Step'


A place to drink tea. This can be literally anywhere with dimensions of sufficient magnitude and the right set of physical conditions. Our first suggestion when finding a space is that if you can find a dappled/sunny open green area on your campus that you can spread some blankets out on go for it. This may be our biased view point showing, but drinking tea outside on a grassy field is a great way to relax. Though we can also recommend that if you find it more comfortable,


you should find any place that your company can comfortably inhabit and go about the activity that brought you together. If it is in a dorm room, a members house, a space in a student union, a quiet nook in the library, or even at your local tea house anywhere that you can find a suitable location to call your own and share tea and relax and talk without being interrupted, there's where your tea gathering should meet.

Step 3. / Or the 'Paramount Step'


The most important step and the one that glues the rest together: drink Tea at your meetings!'s literally that simple.