The Officership of the National Society of Collegiate Tea Drinkers dedicate their time
to helping you learn, better yourselves, and advance your unique Society.

Matthew Berning

– President and Noble Protector of The Societies of Tea



“Matthew Berning cofounded
The Society of Tea Drinkers at The Florida State University in the second semester of his freshman year and led the society as both President and Vice President often remarking: ‘I have greatly enjoyed expanding my knowledge of Tea through this organization’. He is currently working at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History, researching deep sea crustaceans and contracting with the Department of Invertebrate Zoology, and has plans to attend a PhD program in deep sea ecology and invertebrate biology in the near future.”



Jessica Blackband

– Vice President of Communications, Outreach and the Environment


“An active member of The Society of
Tea Drinkers at The Florida State
University, Jessica is interested in
continuing to pursue Tea through
this organization.”









Keely Lubin

– Vice President of Educational Affairs, Art, andPomp



“Keely Lubin joined The Society of Tea Drinkers at The Florida State University shortly after encountering it and quickly became Tea Guru of The Society and, after a brief period, ascended to become Vice President of that Society. Keely studied in both the Department of Psychology and College of Fine Arts, and is currently engaged in the pursuit of Visual Art.”






Jon Coulter

– Vice President of Foreign Affairs and Inter/ExtraSocietal Relations


“The CoFounder of the original Tea Society at FSU and member of the Naples Tea Society, Jon has kept Tea in his back pocket for many years (not literally). He is now attending a Master’s Program in International Affairs at Florida State and is the current President of The Society of Tea Drinkers at The Florida State University, the first official chapter of this organization.”





Lucas von Hollen

– Vice President of Human Interface Devices and Grand Comptroller of Manifest Technology


“Lucas von Hollen graduated from Florida State University with degrees in Theater and Computer Science and was a founding member of the Tea Society at that institution. He is currently attending a Master’s Program in Computer Science at Florida State and concurrently works as Street Performer, Student Ambassador, Videographer with Dietz Consulting, Web Administrator at Lucas Earth LLC and Techno Wizard at Technology Grows. Lucas enjoys soothing cups of Earl Grey and long nights spent in front of the cooling breezes of a server tower.”



"We are the people that are doing the things..."